Dr. Prabhjot Parmar

Board Treasurer

Dr. Prabhjot Parmar is Associate Professor of English at University of the Fraser Valley. She received her PhD in English in postcolonial studies from the University of Western Ontario and holds Masters degrees in English from Queen’s University and Panjab University.

She is the co-editor of When Your Voice Tastes Like Home: Immigrant Women Write and has published articles on dementia and music, Partition, Bollywood, and history of Punjabi Cinema. Her research and teaching interests are strongly linked with community work—anti-racism, anti-colonial and decolonial narrative, Indigenization, migration, violence against women, and social justice, for example. She has actively volunteered with non-profit organizations since the 1990s.

Combined with a spirit to contribute to one’s immediate and larger community, her commitment to anti-racism and equality reinforce her work as a volunteer at Archway.