Community Builders' Awards

Acknowledging those who have made an outstanding contribution to Archway and the community.

2022 Community Builders Awards

About Community Builders

The annual Archway Community Builders Awards are designed to acknowledge those who have made an outstanding contribution to Archway Community Services and the community.

For more information, email: comms@archway.ca

The deadline for nominations in 2022 is now closed. Stay tuned to see this year’s list of recipients after the ceremony on November 3rd. 

Flood Heroes

In 2022, there will be a special awards category for Flood Heroes. These awards will recognize individuals, groups or organizations who took significant action to provide volunteer relief efforts to those affected by the catastrophic flooding in the Fraser Valley

Nomination Information

The nomination form is designed to allow the nominator to provide information about the nominees’ exemplary contribution to the community and to Archway.

The Selection Committee comprised of Archway staff and Board Members choose the winners at their discretion based on the information contained in the nomination as well as information requested from our programs or the nominee themselves.

See full guidelines here. 


Past Recipients of Community Builders’ Awards

The Community Builders’ Awards was created in 2006 by our Board of Directors to honor and acknowledge individuals who have made a significant contribution to not only Archway Community Services but to the community at large. Since then the program has grown to include individuals, organizations and for profit companies.



  • Margaret Rowley
  • Abbotsford Rotary
  • Karl Olfert

2013 – Arlene Kropp & Dr Ray Dyck

2012 – Dave Holmberg

2011 – Susan Underwood & Alan McGill

2010– Thelma Schrock & John Richards

2009 – Ian Hazenberg & Dave Robertson

2008 – Jack Andrews & Jasbir Saran

2007 – Walter Paetkau & Ruta Belec

2006 – Gordon Ray & John Oostenbrink