Neil Stark

Director of Advocacy & Social Equity

Neil Stark has over 20 years experience in the non-profit sector, in a variety of leadership roles.  For 14 years he served as the Manager of Operations for the 411 Seniors Centre in downtown Vancouver – a large and complex organization focused on healthy aging.  He has worked as the Director of Advocacy and Social Equity at Archway Community Services since 2013.  His diverse portfolio includes: the Abbotsford Food Bank, Abbotsford Addictions Center, Opioid Agonist Treatment Centre, Senior Services, Community Living, Legal Advocacy, Specialized Victim Services and Supportive Housing.

In addition to his role as a Director, Neil sits on the People & Culture Committee, Program Services and Space committees. 

He holds a degree in Political Science and working and living in a number of countries has provided him with a global perspective that poverty and inequality are universal human conditions.  He seeks to develop and oversee programs which are deeply connected and culturally relevant.