Have you ever faced challenges in your life that left you feeling alone and disconnected? Did you need people around you to rally? As a supporter of Archway and a champion of Abbotsford’s community, we invite you to share a place at the table with us.

Meet Megan. At 20 years old, Megan moved to Abbotsford to start her undergrad at university. If starting university isn’t enough of an adjustment, imagine also finding out you’re pregnant. With friends focused on school and family working professionally, she didn’t have anyone to talk to about the new changes she was experiencing. She soon found herself with very little in common with her friends. She needed a safe place to plug-in. Thankfully, Megan found Archway Family Centre.

Through programming for parents and their families, Megan found her first place of connection. With other expectant moms, she was able to find the connections she needed to set her on the path toward bettering her life for herself and her child. You might be surprised; these connections were simply found over sharing food.

“We have created a home,” Tania, the Family Centre supervisor says. “Something as simple as sharing a meal creates a safe space to share. We are motivated because we are seeing people move forward.”

“In a group setting, I saw that my story related to others.

If they could do it,
I could do it.”


Family Centre Client

With the support of Archway Family Centre, Megan has built a strong start for her family.  From finding out what to expect during delivery, to parenting advice, budgeting and food prep skills, the Family Centre has been there to offer the care Megan needed. Now she’s a confident, working mom of two beautiful kids. When she can, she gives back. “I know first-hand the impact these programs have for new families so I give what I can.”

“Starting a family isn’t always a romantic experience,” Tania exclaims, “We are fortunate to live in a community that can provide this level of support for families.”

Stronger family connections make for a stronger Abbotsford. We love the opportunity to share meals with families who are looking to make meaningful connections. Through the highs and lows of family life, we are here to provide support. It’s this mosaic of families and situations that builds strength in our community.

“The premise of what we do here is all around the ‘family table.’  Come in, connect, meet your neighbours, play with one another, all experienced over snacks and meals shared together. We create community to get people plugged in.” –Tania

This Thanksgiving, will you consider sharing a meal with a family like Megan’s? Food is the tool we use to start the journey of transformation. 

When you give to Archway, you are making a tangible difference in the lives of families in Abbotsford. Family Centre is just one of the many ways we are serving our community. Will you “Share Your Thanks?” A gift of $100 can ensure meals are shared with a group all week.

“Something as simple as sharing a meal creates a safe space to share. We are motivated because we are seeing people move forward.”

Family Centre Supervisor