A legacy gift has the ability to change countless lives of those living in your community. We’ve been helping in this community for over 50 years – and plan to be here for many more! You will save on taxes and help your city, we’d be happy to show you how.


That Works For You.

Legacy planning will help you do the following: 

  • Minimize or even  Eliminate Taxes  on your estate.  
  • Avoid Double Taxation  on certain retirement accounts.  
  • Bypass  paying upfront  Capital Gains Taxes  when selling your investments. 
  • Convert assets into an  Income You Can’t Outlive  and leave a  Lasting Legacy 
  • Our Government Wants You  to  Save Taxes  and leave more to  Your Family & Loved Ones! 

We host 2 free events each year as a resource to our community. At the event you will be connected to a financial advisor who can present your options.

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Your Gift Has Impact!

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We’re here to assist you in meeting your community impact goals! From giving a one time gift, to securing your legacy, to sponsoring an event, to finding service opportunities – we’re here to help.