Our staff are the backbone of our organization. Dedicated to our vision of justice, opportunities, and equitable access for all, our staff provide exemplary service to, and compassion for, their clients and colleagues. And for that, we couldn’t be more grateful.

Each year, we celebrate our committed staff. We recognize our team members’ daily contributions to making our community and organization a better place.

During the Staff Appreciation celebration, certificates of appreciation are given in recognition of length of service. Staff receive their first service recognition at five years of service and every five years thereafter.

This year we also established the Founder’s Award. The Founder’s Award recognizes excellence and contributions to community through innovation and long-standing service. The inaugural award was presented to Walter Paetkau, who established Abbotsford Community Services in 1969.

To all of our dedicated staff, thank you. We appreciate all you do every day.

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