Hoon Park Nature Playground

Abbotsford residents can now enjoy enhanced outdoor recreation opportunities with the completion of several park improvement projects, announced Mayor Henry Braun. These improvements include the natural park playground at Hoon Park, a legacy of Archway’s 50th anniversary.

In the existing Hoon Park neighbourhood, a new Natural Adventure Playground has opened through investment from the City of Abbotsford, Archway Community Services, Saputo Inc., and the Grayross Foundation held at the Vancouver Foundation.

This playground now provides a space for children to grow, connect, and appreciate nature while developing physical, cognitive, and social skills.

Hoon Park Adventure Playground is the first natural playground in Abbotsford and integrates creative and natural elements for children of all skill and abilities levels to play; providing opportunities to use their imagination, encourage creativity, and provide a gathering space for children and their caregivers as the neighbourhood grows.

We are delighted to announce that the revitalized Hoon Park is now open for residents to enjoy while maintaining social distancing! Thank you to the City of Abbotsford, Saputo Inc., and the Grayross Foundation held at the Vancouver Foundation for partnering with us on this important local initiative.

“As part of Archway’s 50th anniversary year we wanted to celebrate by giving something lasting back to our community. What better way than a 4-way partnership to create a natural playground? 

A magical space today can help transform the way children and generations play and experience learning for a lifetime.”

Rod Santiago

Archway Executive Director

Funded By:

Grayross Foundation held at the Vancouver Foundation.