Group of Archway volunteers and employees

From left to right: Natalia – Senior Services Supervisor, Tanya – Central Support Volunteer, Jessica – Central Support Supervisor,
Meredith – Volunteer Coordinator, Manpreet – Settlement Coordinator, and Karen – Better at Home Coordinator

“I would like to personally thank each one of our 1000+ volunteers for your generous gifts of time, caring and expertise – Archway couldn’t possibly operate our 90+ programs & services without your involvement!
– Rod Santiago, Central Executive Officer

National Volunteer Week is an annual celebration of the millions of individuals who give their time and talents to help others. This week is a time to recognize and thank volunteers for their contributions to communities across the country and at Archway.

This year National Volunteer Week is April 16-22 and the theme is, “Volunteering Weaves Us Together.” Like each individual thread makes weaving stronger, every volunteer’s experience, perspective, and abilities add to our collective resilience.

We would like to recognize our 1000+ volunteers at Archway who reinforce our ability to grow, thrive, and create change within our community. Archway couldn’t possibly operate its 90+ programs and services without our volunteers contributing over 50,000 collective working hours each year!

In honour of Volunteer Week, we have written three features on some very dedicated volunteers to offer a glimpse at the collective power of volunteering that “weaves us together.”

“We’re so grateful for all that Ghadeer brings to the team. With the help of volunteers like her, we are able to process and equitably distribute food to over 4,500 individuals each month.”

Rebecca Thuro

Food Bank Program Supervisor

Sieglinde has volunteered with newcomers at Archway for over seven years in the Community Connections program.

Louise volunteers with Meals on Wheels and makes over 100 sandwiches every day for marginalized populations in Abbotsford.

Ghadeer joined the Abbotsford Food Bank after being in Canada for less than a year and is making meaningful impacts as a newcomer volunteer.

Archway’s Volunteer Coordinator, Meredith Lee Sperling has been in her role for just over a year and is “passionate about serving the programs and volunteers at Archway.”

“I can see every day the positive changes made by volunteers who give their time and commitment. I am thankful to all our volunteers year-round, but I would like to take this opportunity, this dedicated week, to express my sincere gratitude for your work,” said Meredith.

“Louise makes 100s of sandwiches every day for the marginalized populations in Abbotsford. I can’t imagine what the community would do without her.”

Meredith Lee Sperling

Archway Volunteer Coordinator

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