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Nominations are now open for the Inclusive Employers Excellence Awards which celebrate employers and businesses in Abbotsford who create inclusive workplaces for people of all abilities. Three local non-profits who provide support to those with diverse abilities, along with the WorkBC Centre in Abbotsford, are organizing the awards. After a two-year COVID-related absence, the Inclusive Employer Excellence Awards will be presented at an invite-only awards breakfast on October 19, 2022.  

The organizing members, Archway Community Services, Bethesda, Communitas Supportive Care Society and WorkBC – Abbotsford, are inviting members of the public to nominate an inclusive employer or business by September 16th.  

There are five categories which recognize inclusive hiring practices and advocacy for persons with diverse abilities in Abbotsford:  

  • Inclusive employer of the year  
  • Overall outstanding commitment to inclusive hiring
  • Creative workplace solutions
  • Community champion for inclusive employment
  • Emergent inclusive employer

Organizing Partners

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Work BC
Work BC

Nominations for each category are evaluated by a selection committee, comprising staff from each of the partner organizations. Winners are chosen from each category and the awards are presented at the Inclusive Employer Excellence Awards breakfast gala.  

Each partner organization works closely with a jobseeker and employer to ensure a smooth hiring, training and onboarding process so the newly hired employee can succeed. Directly benefiting a company, a well-placed person with a disability is often a skilled and loyal employee, and hiring inclusively helps companies innovate and adapt and demonstrates good corporate citizenship.  

The annual event is an opportunity to recognize all inclusive employers in the community. While some inclusive employers work collaboratively with a community living organization, others find and train jobseekers on their own. In both cases, the gala is a time to bring them all together to share and celebrate. 

The gala also raises awareness of the importance of accessible employment to communities. With an estimated 18.8% of Canadians of working age identifying as living with a disability, inclusive hiring contributes to the economy, the well-being of our communities, and is reflective of the diversity of the population. 

Find out more at and submit at nomination at Archway.ca/IEEA. 

If you’re interested in supporting or sponsoring the event, please reach out to IEEA.2022@gmail.com. 

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