Christmas is traditionally the busiest season for retail business and shopping malls, but did you know that the holiday season is the busiest time of year for the Abbotsford Mission Recycling Program?
The holiday season creates a surprising amount of waste.
We’ve got some tips for simple ways to reduce waste and “think green,” through the holidays.
When shopping bring along your own reusable bags to cut down on single-use plastic bags from retailers.
If you’re shopping online, try to order multiple items from one retailer to eliminate excess packaging and multiple parcel deliveries.
And remember that most foam packaging and ‘air pillow’ materials are recyclable at Archway’s recycling plant drop-off locations.
Christmas cards can be recycled or re-used in crafts. Consider sending electronic greetings via email or joining the growing trend of people donating what they would have spent on cards and stamps to charity, in honour of friends and family, and posting a greeting on social media.
When wrapping gifts, there are options and alternatives to non-recyclable wrapping paper, foil-lined papers, and bows.
Normal, paper gift wrap is recyclable, as is kraft paper, with its charming rustic look or newspaper or old sheet music. Wrapping can be tied with twine and adorned with dried flowers, berries or leaves.
And for people creating gift baskets, remember that cellophane wrapping is not recyclable. So for those who receive a gift basket, the cellophane stores easily to be reused next year.
And if Santa should leave some of the latest tech gadgets under the tree this Christmas, the older models can be recycled at one of our drop-off locations.
If you still have old Christmas lights out in the garage, make this the year you invest in more energy-efficient ones! We’d love to recycle the old lights for you at one of our drop-off locations.
And, of course, the holidays would not be complete without stocking up on eggnog or other Christmas treats for family and guests. Check to ensure packaging can be recycled or composted wherever possible. Remember that paper napkins are compostable, but not recyclable.
By following some of these tips, people can help reduce waste, and be a little kinder to the planet this holiday season.
The Abbotsford Mission Recycling Program is a program of Archway Community Services and provides recycling services for the District of Mission and City of Abbotsford with two drop-off locations — Abbotsford (33670 Valley Road) and Mission (7229 Mershon Street).
To find out more about Archway’s Recycling Program, please visit AbbotsfordMissionRecycling.ca

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