Engagement opportunities, activities and experiences for adults with diverse abilities


The Discovery Program assists adults aged 19 years and over, who are diagnosed with diverse abilities to increase their self-esteem, socialization skills, and increase their independence by providing opportunities to participate in a variety of community activities, including volunteer work experience. Our program is participant-centered, and our daily activities are designed to reflect individualized client interests and goals.

Discovery Program participants pay for most of their daily community activities. Participants are provided with a monthly activity schedule and will know in advance of upcoming activities and the cost of each. Participant’s can indicate if they wish to participate.


Our Program Goals:

  • To encourage and support individuals of all abilities to live fulfilling, interactive and productive lives.
  • To provide a supportive environment which offers a wide variety of engagement opportunities, activities and experiences
  • To inspire individuals in identifying and achieving great personal goals & objectives
  • To foster the development of skills, leading to increased independence and autonomy
  • To promote and stimulate the formation of healthy peer relationships, which then can be self-sustained in the broader community
  • To provide volunteer, pre-employment, and work opportunities

Who We Help

To be eligible for our Discovery Program;

  • Participants must be a minimum of 19 years of age
  • Be diagnosed with a developmental disability
  • Be registered with CLBC, and be referred by their office
  • Be motivated to participate in a Community Inclusion program, with daily group activities

    To Join Discovery

    • The Discovery program is funded by Community Living BC (CLBC)
    • Interested applicants must contact Community Living British Columbia (CLBC) (604.870.5900) to make an appointment to discuss participating in our Discovery program
    • CLBC will then make a referral to our Discovery program for eligible participants.
    • Our Discovery program will schedule an intake meeting with the interested participant and their respective parent/caregiver. 
    “People get lots of help, do things together and help other people.” Martin (participant)

    “I love coming to the Discovery program and going for coffee with my friends.”

    Discovery Partipant

    Did You Know?

    Archway has been serving adults with diverse abilities for almost 50 years

    “I can’t believe how smooth the transition to this program has been. My daughter really seems to look forward to attending.”

    Parent of Discovery Client

    In Partnership With:

    Hours of Operation

    8:30am – 3:30pm
    Monday to Friday


    Archway Community Services
    2539 Montvue Avenue
    Abbotsford, BC V2S 3V2

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