Elizabeth was always on the “lucky end” of lay-offs until that luck ran out in 2017. While she enjoyed her work at production companies the industry wasn’t always stable and didn’t provide additional training or opportunities for advancement.

As a single mother in her 40’s, she didn’t know how it would be possible to “pay my bills and support my child” if she went back to school. She also had the responsibility of caring for ailing father until his death in 2010. Through that difficult time, she discovered how much she enjoyed helping people and thought about becoming a health care aide, but without the financial resources to go to school, she stayed in the production industry.

After being laid off, she decided to see if AbbotsfordWorks could help her with a loan for school. She was pleasantly surprised to find that she qualified for financial assistance with tuition, supplies, transportation and even living support. She appreciated how her case manager “held her hand” as they filled out the applications, researched the labor market and conducted informational interviews with other health care aides.

Feeling confident in her decision, she started college in October 2017. By the time she graduated in June 2018, she had secured a job at the assisted living facility where she did her preceptorship. She finds her new career really rewarding and “loves helping the residents and being able to put smiles on their faces.”

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