The smooth transition from face-to-face to online was only made possible due to an incredibly supportive LINC management team and a truly remarkable group of students. My students’ commitment to learning and building a vibrant and supportive online community far exceeded my expectations.”  Sara – LINC CLB 7/8 Instructor

Student Submissions

“As a mother I felt that staying at home was still productive and precious because of the online learning. It was challenging sometimes because of my kids around me, but I really enjoyed listening to my classmates’ thoughts and laughing instead of my kids’ yelling. And I really appreciated that my teacher and classmates totally understood my situation.”   Joy (Korea)

“I could meet my classmates online every week.  It made me feel connected and not alone.” Andrew (China)

“Our online LINC class was fun and motivating. It offered an exciting selection of listening and speaking opportunities. The synchronous sessions gave us much more than English language learning. They gave us a sense of community during the pandemic! I also found it exciting to learn in a new way. I am proud of the new digital skills I have gained. Now I can participate in class online sessions and in breakout rooms. I can use google docs, power point, share the screen, use the chat box & white board.  This has been exciting for me!” (Assia, Morocco)

“Online learning was a new experience for me. I enjoyed it very much!” Rose (China)

“Connecting online for me was a form of human touch and warmth.” Robert (France)

“The synchronous sessions were productive and fun! Having discussions in the breakout rooms and in the chat box with our teacher and peers motivated me to improve my English skills. It also gave me the opportunity to socialize and connect during a time of self-isolation.” (Azelia, Korea)

“This was a very good opportunity to connect with others, especially during a pandemic. I practiced my English language skills and learned digital skills at the same time!” Yan (China)

 “It was a motivating experience for several reasons.  The energy of the teacher was infectious. It enabled us to practice our speaking with enthusiasm and confidence. This helped us in a practical way to adapt to a new and positive learning experience during challenging times.” (Maria, Brazil)

“I was worried at the beginning but it was a very good experience!  Participating in the breakout rooms was fun, comfortable, and helpful for my English.” (Amy, Korea)

“Due to COVID-19, we had to be isolated, but we were able to connect and keep studying with the teacher and classmates during this time.  Participating online was a good opportunity and experience.”  (Hannah, China)

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