Recommended Resources for Dads

These resources have been suggested by the Abby Dads program.

Parenting Books

The Single Dad’s Survival Guide
Author: Mike Klump
Hold On to Your Kids
Authors: Gordon Neufeld, Gabor Mate
How to Really Love Your Child
Author: Ross Campbell

Be Prepared – A Practical Handbook for New Dads



One of the best baby manuals for new dads out there! Check it out for cutting edge guidance in a user friendly format.

An organization and website in the United States with extensive resources, materials, and information to support fathers and programs supporting dads.

As a specialist in male issues, David is a powerful guide in exploring notions of masculinity and a catalyst in illuminating and supporting new possibilities for both genders. David is a respected independent facilitator, experiential educator, trainer, and consultant.


Dad Central Canada works to help men understand what an invaluable and irreplaceable role they play in the development and lives of their children can lead them to make a greater commitment and investment in their family.

This site provides legal information, education and help for British Columbians.

This website is intended to help dads and families by providing firsthand information and guidance through the experience of PPD. This site also includes information and resources that can be used by professionals to assist families dealing with PPD.

The Parents Coalition of British Columbia is a non-profit organization dedicated to advocating, encouraging and preserving the loving bond between children and each parent equally upon relationship breakdown.