Rod Santiago and Steve Carlton

Archway Community Services stands by its June 15th statement of support on the Black Lives Matter movement.

The statement that “all lives matter” suggests or assumes that equality has already happened.  This ideal is still very far from the reality for people who navigate discrimination on a regular basis both at the individual and systemic levels by virtue of their skin colour.

According to a study on race relations, 54% of Canadians who are Black and 53% of Indigenous People report personally experiencing discrimination due to race or ethnicity from time to time if not regularly.  These are higher proportions than who are South Asian (38%), Chinese (36%), from other racialized groups (32%), or White (12%).

The phrase Black Lives Matter reframes the focus on the rights of Black people to be treated equitably, live safely from harm, and be afforded the same dignity and respect regardless of skin colour.

Archway Community Services’s vision is “Justice, opportunities and equitable access for all.”

Archway has and will continue to support Black Lives Matter and other situations of inequality. We invite everyone to do the same; let’s help create an Abbotsford that is a safe home for all, and support and amplify all initiatives for equity, especially those for racial justice.

Let’s Continue the Conversation

The Archway Diversity Education program participates in provincial and national funded networks and initiatives to carry out projects and act as an educational and support resource within our community. We work with organizations, businesses and agencies to develop and deliver training as well as work alongside individuals who feel discriminated against through the process of reporting racism and seeking resolution to their issues. We are supported in this work not only by our funders but also community stakeholders who come together to make our community a safe and equitable place to live in.

For more information, check out the websites for the Archway Diversity Education program, Fraser Valley Human Dignity Coalition, Abbotsford Local Immigration Partnership, Resilience BC communities, and the Race Relations in Canada 2019 Survey. You can also reach out to Diversity Education staff members at 604-859-7681 Ext: 270.

On behalf of Archway,

Archway Diversity Education program

Rod Santiago, Executive Director

Steve Carlton, Board President

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