Many of us are experiencing uncertainty right now in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. People with children are also noting their increased worry and confusion over school closures, cancellation of plans and other changes and restrictions on daily routines. 

There are a number of resources available specifically for young people, designed to educate, help with informed decision making and reduce worry. Here are a few of the best, reliable resources we’ve found, that you may want to share with the children in your life or refer to when discussing COVID-19 with them. 

Recommended by the Abbotsford Early Childhood Clinicians:

KidsHealth – Various Coronvirus resources for parents and children

Child Mind Institute – Supporting families during COVID-19

Psychology Today – How to talk to your kids about a global health crisis

World Health Organization:

Healthy parenting during COVID-19 resources


CBC Kids:

Coronavirus – What it is and how you’re helping fight it

Handwashing 101 – How to be a handwashing artist

CBC Kids ‘Wash Your Hands Dance’

‘Wash Your Hands With Baby Shark’

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