Is your business looking for ways to reduce waste? Our Green Team committee has developed a resource to support local companies looking to reduce their impact on the environment.

An initiative of the Abbotsford Community Services Green Team, our newly created Green Business Resource Kit (based on the San Francisco Department of Environment’s Green Business Program Standards) is a resource for businesses searching for ways to implement environmental initiatives.

Some examples of measures include:

  • posting signage that encourages resource conservation
  • diverting waste from the landfill
  • switching to efficient indoor and outdoor lighting
  • fixing leaks in sinks and drains;
  • having incentives for employees to use greener alternative modes of transportation to and from work

This toolkit was created as a resource for businesses searching for ways to improve their environmental impact and is not meant to be used as a grading standard for all local businesses. For more information, please contact Recycling Education at our Abbotsford-Mission Recycling Program.

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