Mental Wellness Parenting

Group for parents experiencing depression and/or generalized anxiety

Mental Wellness Parenting Group

Mental Wellness Parenting is a free 8-week group which has components of psycho-education, cognitive behavioural therapy and social support interaction.

It is designed to help parents experiencing depression and/or generalized anxiety to:

  • Develop self-care strategies while still caring for their families
  • Develop mental health communication strategies
  • Feel less isolated by sharing and learning from other parents

The group is co-facilitated by counsellors from the Family Connections program at Archway.

Attachment parenting is supported by providing on-site childminding.

Topics covered:

  • Symptoms of depression and anxiety
  • Patterns of stressful behaviour in parenting
  • Strategies for wellness and self-care
  • Communication strategies
  • Preventative and coping techniques

Contact Us to Register

604-859-7681 ext 304

Groups are usually held 3 times per year. Please contact us for future session dates.

Who We Help

  • Those who are actively parenting children 0 – 14  while coping with depression and/or anxiety
  • Those who feel overwhelmed with daily parenting
  • Parents who want to develop new strategies to support mental wellness for themselves and their families

To Sign for the Group

  • Participation is voluntary and self-referred.
  • Please call 604-859-7681 Ext: 304 or email marlayne.penner@archway.ca to register (limited enrollment).
  • Complimentary on-site child care provided (limited availability).
  • A brief individual intake meeting with a group facilitator will be scheduled prior to starting the group.

Did You Know?

Archway has been providing a variety of counselling services since 1969.

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