New Beginnings Parent Program

Part-time and full-time programs for parents to complete or upgrade their high school education

New Beginnings Parent Program

Since 1990, Abbotsford’s New Beginnings has been known as a leader in working with mothers and fathers of young children.

We provide part-time and full-time programs for parents to complete or upgrade their secondary school education. As well as high-quality childcare, parenting courses, and individual support is available.

New Beginnings staff provide in-classroom education, childcare services and support to parents. While parents are in school, we provide quality, accessible childcare for their young children 0-3 years. We also offer additional support, assistance and parenting classes through our Parent Support Worker.

New Beginnings offers:

Who We Help

  • Parents who wish to complete or upgrade their Grade 12 education and are either pregnant or parenting a child under 3 years
  • Our daycare has a limited number of spots for children of parents who are not in the program. Find out more here.

To Access New Beginnings

  • Please give us a call if you are interested in attending New Beginnings.
  • Registration runs continuously throughout the year.

Did You Know?

The New Beginnings program began in 1990.

“New Beginnings has helped me just by talking to other moms, listening to other people’s experiences with their children.” -Graduate, 2017

“I love everything about this program, I think this is the best you can think of.” -Graduate, 1998

“Without New Beginnings I wouldn’t be where I am today.” -Student, 2011

“I never would have finished school as a working parent without New Beginnings.” -Graduate, 2005

“I’m learning that I am smart and can do anything I put my mind to.” -Graduate, 2001

“New Beginnings has helped me so much. It has helped me see all the options there are to pursue. It has also majorly boosted my confidence as a parent, knowing that I’m doing something that will be beneficial to my daughter and me.” -Student, 2012

“I’ve grown as an adult. My first year here was different and taught me a lot of social values and experiences. I’ve become more confident as a mother and student. I’ve learned tools to use in the adult world.” -Student, 2011

“I’ve learned to focus on what is important, such as graduating and moving on to find a career. I’ve also learned to be a lot more confident in myself as a parent. I’ve grown up a lot.” -Student, 2012

“Some people think that being a young mom is difficult and you can’t achieve your goals. Being at New Beginnings helped me realize that you can achieve whatever you want.” -Graduate, 2017


Hours of operation

9:00am – 2:00pm Monday – Thursday

Friday 9:00am – 11:15am

Following the school calendar (closed winter/spring breaks and summer)


School Location
32355 Mouat Drive

Mailing Address
Archway Community Services
2420 Montrose Avenue
Abbotsford, BC V2S 3S9

In Partnership With:

In addition to funding from the Province of BC and Abbotsford School District, New Beginnings receives funds through donations from the Abbotsford Kiwanis Club, Abbotsford Quilters’ Guild and other generous individuals and community groups. 

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