World Education Services (WES) Credential Evaluation

Helping newcomers have their international education recognized in Canada through the WES Educational Credential Assessment (ECA)

World Education Services (WES) Credential Evaluation

Archway is introducing a new program to internationally trained newcomers residing in the Fraser Valley who are not employed in their profession to prepare for their credential recognition process by completing the Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) with World Education Services (WES) via the WES Gateway Program.

WES Gateway Program assesses the educational credentials of applicants who have limited proof of academic achievements due to ongoing armed conflict or environmental disaster. The program provides for an exemption from the requirement of having the education documents submitted to WES directly by educational institutions. As a result of the program, participants obtain a high-quality credential evaluation report that can be accepted and recognized by employers, higher education institutions, and regulatory bodies.

Archway is a designated WES partner organization in the Fraser Valley and will support newcomers in the WES application process by providing funding to cover the application fee, reviewing and preparing documents, and submitting applications to WES through a partner portal.

Who We Help

The WES Gateway Program is designed for applicants who have limited academic documents due to ongoing armed conflict or environmental disasters in Afghanistan, Eritrea, Iraq, Syria, Turkey, Ukraine, and Venezuela.

* Note for applicants from Afghanistan: WES evaluates education from a limited number of universities if it was completed before August 15, 2021. Study completed between 1996 and 2001 cannot be evaluated at this time.

How We Help

The following services are offered to program participants:

  • Information sessions on Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) process
  • Eligibility screening for WES Gateway Program
  • Financial support to cover WES assessment fees
  • Submission of documents to WES through a designated partner portal
  • Communicating with credential assessment center throughout the ECA process
  • Obtaining an ECA certificate/WES report for clients to be submitted to regulatory bodies, employers, and higher education institutions

How To Apply

Those interested in participating can complete an application form and send copies of their scanned education documents (diplomas/degrees/ transcripts) to Mila.Aberten@Archway.ca.

Please reach out to us for the application form.

WES Gateway Program

The WES Gateway Program seeks to further the academic and career goals of qualified individuals who lack standard proof of academic achievement because of adverse circumstances in their country of education.


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