With a passion for the community and an eagerness to both share with and learn from others, Sieglinde is a volunteer with a true desire to help others succeed. An Executive Recruiter with Valley Personnel Ltd and an Adult Educator with years of experience in Human Resources and Executive Recruitment, Sieglinde is truly an exceptional asset to our Employment Mentors Program. As a Facilitator, she has shared her insight on all things employment related to our clients, such as resume development and interview tips. As a Mentor, she has coached newcomers to Canada on how to find the self-awareness and professional resources needed to reach their goals in Canada.

Sieglinde is amazing in her adaptability, her reliability, and her uncanny ability to make a stranger feel like a friend the instant they meet. On some projects, Sieglinde has worked with our program for multiple hours, such as for the facilitation of an Employment Readiness series, whereas other times she has stepped in for a brief mentorship experience totaling fewer than 5 hours.

Over a few cups of coffee, Sieglinde donates her time in a way that can have a huge impact on a mentee. Her insight is truly life-changing. 

Regardless of the request, our Employment Mentors team knows Sieglinde will do her best to accommodate ACS in our goal of building connections for employment and professional success for newcomers to Canada. She is also supported tremendously by her employer, Valley Personnel Ltd, who are encouraging of her using her time to volunteer as a mentor with us.

This National Volunteer Week, we want to recognize Sieglinde as one of our many volunteers who use their assets to help others in the community. To learn more about the Employment Mentors program, visit their program page or contact us at employmentmentors@archway.ca.

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