Dawn is a dedicated volunteer with our Community Connections program and through her volunteering, she’s developed a friendship with Jolin, a newcomer to Canada. They have now been friends for over the 8 years and Dawn remarks, “there are times when I think I get more out of the relationship than she does, in fact, there are times I’m sure I do.”

Dawn loves to volunteer because it makes her feel valued, useful and appreciated. In turn, the ladies who participate in Community Connections love her. She’s the “Canadian Mum” to her “match,” Jolin, and brings incredible energy and enthusiasm with her every time she attends an ACS event.

Andrea, our Community Connections program coordinator, reports that Dawn is so appreciated at ACS because she’s a committed advocate and extremely talented. Dawn has been a conversation circle volunteer, one-on-one match volunteer, a knitting group volunteer, and a marriage seminar facilitator, amongst other roles.

We want to say thank you to Dawn for always being willing to help when we need her!

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