Social Prescribing for Seniors

Delaying frailty, encouraging self-care management and reducing loss of independence.

Social Prescribing Program for Seniors

Connects older adults in the Abbotsford area to non-clinical and community-based holistic care for a positive effect on their health and wellbeing. Seniors in need of this program are identified by community connectors and healthcare professionals (general practitioners, social workers, etc.). The program’s mission is to delay frailty, encourage self-care management, and reduce the loss of independence.

The Social Prescribing program improves outcomes for seniors by offering more choice and control over their lives. The program targets the root causes of health inequalities, and is an important facet of community-centered practice.

The Social Prescribing Program is under the Fraser Health CARES project.

Who Qualifies?

Seniors in Abbotsford area, who may be experiencing:

  • Social isolation
  • Mental-health challenges
  • Major life events, such as the loss of a spouse
  • Physical frailty and/or inactivity
  • Poor nutrition and/or food security concerns
  • Frequent use of primary healthcare or the Emergency Room
  • Poor health outcomes associated with social determinants of health, such as low income

Referrals are made by Health Professionals after evaluating the needs of clients that may benefit from the social prescribing program. Clients may be referred to non-clinical support services within Archway or elsewhere in the community, including:

  • Physical activity programs such as walking groups
  • Skills training
  • Nutrition/food security programs, including Meals on Wheels and the Food Bank
  • Social programs and services, including coffee clubs and community centers
  • Counselling
  • Transportation programs
  • Better at Home services
  • Caregiver support programs, support groups, educations sessions, volunteering opportunities and more

For more information, contact the Seniors’ Community Connector, or complete the program referral form.


Did You Know?

Archway has been providing services for seniors since 1969. 

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