Crime Victim Assistance Program Counselling

Individual counselling for individuals impacted by trauma

Crime Victim Assistance Program Counselling

Individual counselling is available for individuals who have been impacted by trauma and have Crime Victim Assistance Program (CVAP) funding.

Our counsellors have training and experience in working with children and youth impacted by abuse and those who who have witnessed violence.

We also work with non-offending parents of children who have been impacted by abuse, and adult survivors of sexual abuse or physical assault.

CVAP Funding

The BC government offers financial assistance to victims, witnesses or family members affected by violent crime which can be used towards needs such as counselling. Our counsellors are Approved Providers of counselling for those with CVAP funding. 

Who We Help

  • Children, youth or adults who have been impacted by abuse and are eligible for CVAP funding towards counselling

To Access CVAP Counselling

  • If you already have approved CVAP funding, please contact us to set up an initial appointment.
  • Please be aware that we currently have limited capacity and a wait list.
  • To book an intake session, please call 604.859.7681 Ext 304 or email
  • If you need help obtaining CVAP funding, our Specialized Victim Assistance program can help with filling out the required forms.
  • Once you have been approved by the government, you can seek counselling with approved providers in the community. 

Did You Know?

Archway has been providing a variety of counselling services since 1969.

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