Recently, Runjan in our Human Resources Department shared her experiences of being a newcomer looking to further her career in Canada, and working at Archway. 
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“I still remember that day! The 11th of March 2018 was my first day in Canada. I was totally clueless what I was going to do here, how I would fare as a mother of a three-year -old and whether I would be able to compete in the local job market. Then someone recommended I get in touch with Archway Community Services and seek their support. 

When I first walked through their doors I was anxious and unsure of what to expect from Archway’s staff and programs. I was happy to quickly discover how welcoming everyone was. I also thought to myself that it would be nice, but very challenging, to get a job at a place like Archway. 

Reception staff at Archway greeted me with a smile. They introduced my family and I to programs that may be beneficial as we settled into life in Canada. Initially, I met with a settlement support worker who helped me complete paperwork and become acquainted with daily life in Canada. She patiently and happily answered all my endless queries. 

Next, I was referred to two programs that played a very important role in where I am today; Career Paths for Skilled Immigrants and the Employment Mentorship Program. They provided interview tips, resume building workshops, career counseling and even a grant to enhance my skills! 

I found all the necessary tools to succeed in my career through Career Paths Program. I was also assigned a mentor by the Employment Mentorship Program; this was a professional from my own field of Human Resources, who empowered me as I pursued my professional goals and guided me as I furthered my career here in Canada.  

Not only did I benefit from Archway programs but I’m proud to share that today I’m employed in the Archway Human Resources Department. In my time here, I’ve been able to take the lead on several important projects, including planning a recruitment fair to spread the word about working at Archway and our employment-related programs. 

I want to encourage all newcomers to Canada who may feel unsettled or frustrated as they adjust to their new life. These feelings are valid and understandable, but please know there are people in Abbotsford who care about helping you and want to welcome you into the community. With some guidance and determination, no one can stop you from achieving your goals!”

-Runjan, Recruitment & Engagement Specialist at Archway Community Services

“With some guidance and determination, no one can stop you from achieving your goals!”

Runjan Sharma

Recruitment & Engagement Specialist, Archway Community Services

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