Services for Newcomers and Immigrants in Abbotsford

Assisting newcomers and immigrants with their settlement needs

How We Help

The newcomers department at Archway is committed to providing immigrants with a variety programs and services that help them adapt to their new life in Canada. We provide services for employment needs, education, and much more.

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Providing free one-to-one tutoring and small group language, literacy and numeracy sessions for adults.

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Career Paths For Skilled Immigrants

Helping skilled immigrants gain experience, find employment and improve employment within their field.

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Centre For Success

Providing CELPIP and CAEL preparation classes, along with language training offered by qualified and authorized trainers.

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Community Connections

Connecting newcomers to Canada to the community through English conversation circles and a friendship based matching program.

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Conversation Circles

Giving newcomers an opportunity to connect with each other and practice speaking English, while learning about Canadian culture and their new community.  

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Diversity Education

Promoting cross-cultural understanding of social justice issues in the community through interactive workshops/trainings, community projects and policy consultation. 

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Employment Mentors

Supporting professional immigrants re-enter their respective career in the Canadian labour market through meaningful one-on-one mentorship connections, industry specific networking, soft skills training and employment coaching.

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Fraser Valley Human Dignity Coalition

A diverse collective that responds to incidents of discrimination and hate in the community.

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Immigrant Settlement

Assisting newcomers with their settlement needs and integration process to improve their overall sense of belonging in Canada by providing information, orientation and referral services.

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Immigrant Youth Services

Offering assistance to newcomer youth aged 12-24 through school-based programming, after school homework support sessions, life skills, literacy support and one to-one outreach to facilitate their integration into life in Canada.

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Interpretation and Translation Services

Providing certified translators to assist with legal documents, websites, marketing materials translations and more.

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Job Connections for Immigrants (JCI)

Helping immigrants gain language and employment skills and industry-recognized certifications.

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Language Assessment CLBPT

Offering the Canadian Language Benchmarks Placement Test (CLBPT) which assesses your ability to listen, speak, read, and write English.

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Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada (LINC)

Providing free English language training for new immigrants and refugees. Classes (literacy – CLB level 8) 

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Legal Advocacy for Agricultural Workers

Assisting agricultural workers with legal issues related to employment, tenancy, Employment Insurance, debt, Canadian Pension Plan, WorkSafeBC and disability.

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Migrant Workers Program

Promoting legal education and increasing awareness among migrant workers about their rights and responsibility in the workplace.

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Moving Ahead Program

Providing enhanced support to assist newcomers with multiple needs and significant integration barriers.

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One Line Referral

Helping Receive self-referrals and referrals from health care providers and connecting people in need to Abbotsford area social services that fit their unique needs.

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Parenting Life Skills for Immigrants

Providing parents with knowledge and skills necessary for successful and supportive parenting in a new environment.

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Refugee Claimants Support Services

Offering assistance to refugee claimants to access mental health services via one-on-one and group counselling sessions as well as customized employment support.

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Settlement Workers in Schools

Providing information to students and their families about schooling and community services in Abbotsford and supporting families in the integration process.

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South Asian Community Resource Office

Offering outreach and support specifically to South Asian youth and their families. Mentors are available for youth ages 11-18 who are at-risk of criminal involvement.

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South Asian Day Program for Older Adults

Providing activities for older South Asian adults and respite for their caregivers.

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